June, 2020 – SAS Global Forum 2019 (Virtual)

A companion article that provides a little more detail is available on SAS Communities. The data set and complete code for this example, along with additional setup instructions, are available in the SAS Global Forum 2020 GitHub repository.

November, 2019 – CAUSE Webinar

Want to learn how SAS University Edition and JupyterLab form a great combination for teaching well-rounded data scientists?  Want to learn about a programming interface in which your code, results, and explanatory text can seamlessly coexist? 

I had the pleasure of discussing these topics in the Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE) webinar series:

SAS University Edition includes JupyterLab and is free to educators and students for non-commercial use. Learn more

November, 2019 – Dartmouth Users Group

It was a privilege to be invited to present my SASGF 2019 talk again as a webinar for the Dartmouth Area SAS® Users Group.

September, 2019 – WUSS 2019

I had the honor of being invited to present my SASGF 2019 talk again at the Western Users of SAS® Software Educational Forum and Conference (WUSS).

WUSS 2019 presentation

As always, my favorite part of attending a SAS conference is the opportunity to interact with fellow SAS users.

WUSS 2019 networking

May, 2019 – USCOTS 2019

I had the privilege of presenting at the United States Conference on Teaching Statistics (USCOTS). If you are a statistics educator or a fan of statistics education, I cannot recommend this conference enough.

In my talk, I provided an overview of SAS® Viya® for Learners and how it enables you to effectively train modern statisticians (aka data scientists). Perhaps my favorite part of SAS® Viya® is that you can easily create visualizations and build models with a drag-and-drop interface, or you can program in your language of choice—SAS®, Python, or R.

USCOTS 2019 presentation

This is the first time that SAS has attended USCOTS, and I was very pleased with the amount of attention the SAS booth attracted.

USCOTS 2019 booth

USCOTS 2019 booth

April, 2019 – SAS Global Forum 2019 (Dallas, TX)

I attended SAS Global Forum (SASGF) again in 2019, and once again I had a great time interacting with our users. It was especially fun to demo features that I personally developed.

I also enjoyed giving a presentation on my SASGF paper, “Learning Data Science with SAS® University Edition and JupyterLab.” You can explore and reproduce the examples in my paper by first installing SAS® University Edition (which is free for academic, non-commercial use) and then downloading the Jupyter notebooks and data from the SAS Global Form 2019 repository on GitHub. Your comments and questions are encouraged!

The following videos are shortened versions of my demos. Your questions and comments are encouraged, so feel free to contact me.

April, 2018 – SAS Global Forum 2018 (Denver, CO)

I attended SAS Global Forum (SASGF) for the first time in 2018 and presented three software demos on the tasks in SAS® Studio. I am grateful for the opportuity to attend SGF – it was a good experience and I had a lot of great interactions with our users.

SGF 2018 booth

The following videos are shortened versions of my demos. Your questions and comments are encouraged, so feel free to contact me.

August 3, 2017 – Joint Statistical Meetings (Baltimore, MD)

I presented my latest research at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore. My talk was a part of a session on Optimization Methods with Biological Applications.

July 27, 2017 – Dissertation Defense

On 7-27-17, I successfully defended my dissertation. It was a bit surreal because it was the culmination of a long journey that began over 10 years prior. I am eternally grateful to the amazing friends, family, mentors, and colleagues who helped me get to this point.

Defense wins championships

February 8, 2017 – SAMSI WISO

I enjoyed presenting my research at the SAMSI Workshop on the Interface of Statistics and Optimization (WISO):


It was a great workshop that included some well-known speakers, so I am really glad that I was asked to participate.

March 22, 2017 – NC State University Graduate Student Research Symposium

I was grateful for the opportunity to represent the NC State Statistics Department at the NC State University Graduate School Research Symposium. Talking shop with researchers in other fields was a great and productive experience, and it was especially nice to practice the important skill of effectively communicating research and statistical ideas to someone without a strong background in statistics. Winning 2nd place in the Mathematical & Physical Sciences division was a nice bonus! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

NCSU research symposium

August 3, 2016 – Joint Statistical Meetings (Chicago, IL)

I presented a poster of my research at JSM in Chicago.

JSM 2016 poster

March 2, 2016 – Introduction to CVX & Publish

I gave a guest lecture in Eric Chi’s Advanced Computing course on an introduction to CVX, a modeling tool for solving convex optimization problems in MATLAB. I also briefly discussed MATLAB’s publish feature to integrate code, output, and markup into one document. The materials from the talk are available in hopes that others find them useful:

September 19, 2014 – Statistical Learning Group

As a member of the NCSU Statistical Learning Group, I provided an overview of regularized regression in statistics. The talk was designed to be accessible to any non-statistician who has taken an introductory statistics course. Please watch the videos below and follow along with the slides and accompanying R code. The slides were created in RStudio using R Markdown v2, and the source code is also available to encourage the use of R Markdown.