Teaching multiple statistics courses has been a great opportunity to practice communicating statistical ideas to non-statisticians. As much as I do not like to admit it, statistics courses often do not have the best reputation among students, especially those who are not very mathematically inclined. However, I relish the challenge of not only teaching the concepts but also convincing students how useful and cool statistics can be. My ability to do so was acknowledged in the spring of 2014 when I won Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards from both the NCSU Statistics Department and the university as a whole. I also received a university-wide recognition for Excellence in Classroom Teaching in the spring of 2017.

Teaching Experience

  • ST311 - Introduction to Statistics
    • Lecturer - three summer sessions
    • Instructor - five semesters
    • Grader - one summer session
  • ST350 – Economics & Business Statistics
    • Lab Instructor - two semesters
  • ST372 - Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression
    • Grader - one summer session
  • ST512 - Experimental Statistics For Biological Sciences II
    • Lab Instructor - three semesters
    • Guest Lecturer - two classes
  • ST790 - Advanced Computing
  • ECON202 - Money & Banking (University of Richmond)
    • Guest Lecturer - one class